Blood in the Sand e​.​p.

by The Wolverines

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East Bay Working Class
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East Bay Working Class Good ol American Oi...unabashedly patriotic and like the song says " no one likes us and we don't care" it's disappointing to see these guys labeled as racist or fascist because they love their country . From a purely musical standpoint-- this is hard as nails Oi and I can't wit for a full length. Favorite track: American Skinhead.
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released May 7, 2015

Alex - Vocals
Skip - Guitars, Bass, and Drums
Jamie/Evan/Skip/Alex - Backing Vocals



all rights reserved


The Wolverines Reading, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Stand Alone
What's wrong with society? No one takes responsibility
They point their fingers and place the blame
While their country's going down in flames
Everywhere you look, another crime's committed
Everywhere you turn, your rights have been restricted
And you can't disagree, it's gotten out of hand
They want me to apologize for who I am
And even when I stand alone
At least my opinions are my own
And though they choose to label me
At least I stand up for my beliefs
What's wrong with the world today?
We're living in entitlement society
Where our tax dollars feed the leeches full
And they protest rights for criminals
It's a land where we act like savages
And our own government caused the damages
And they call you racist if you disagree
With their liberal, selfish mentality
Track Name: American Skinhead
You're a warrior, and you're hard as nails
With a pride that will not let you fail
They have tried to break you in every way
Degraded your morals but you chose to stay
From talk shows to prime time
They've slandered your name
And when the violence starts
You're the one they blame
They demand that you explain yourself
But you tell them, to go fuck themselves!
American Skinhead
We ain't going anywhere
American Skinhead
No one likes us, we don't care
Fired from jobs and kicked out of bars
Hated and proud but that's who we are
Where a skinhead stands, a skinhead stays
And to some of us it's not a fashion craze
It's a way of life rooted in the past
With shaven heads and balls of brass
We will stand with America until we die
Flags on our flights, patriotic pride!
Track Name: PC Society
I'm not afraid to speak my mind, think what you want of me
Just because you don't like what I say doesn't mean that I can't speak
This is my country, land of the free, and you need to show respect
I don't need some lowlife do-gooder telling me that he's upset

I can speak my mind and you can hate it
But at least respect my right to say it
This is America, show your pride
My freedom of speech can't be denied

But you get offended, by everything I say
PC Society, just go the fuck away
You get offended by everything I do
PC Society, fuck you

You cry that we're patriotic, your arguments, they have no logic
You want respect for all mankind
But you don't want to let me speak my mind
You say injustice is what you fight
And you're only defending equal rights
But it's just not equal when I can't say how I feel about the world today

You can call me what you want
But I have freedom of thought
I'm going to tell you how I feel
PC Society: Get real
Track Name: Blood in the Sand
A young man with a heart of gold
Signs the dotted line at 18 years old
Sent to a land that's not his own
To fight a war so far from home
He makes friends that will last a lifetime
But as he stares into the night time
He wonders if he's got the will to survive
Will he make it out of here alive?

He has to battle and he's forced to kill
He struggles every day with the blood he's spilled
His family sends him letters from home
Surrounded by his brothers yet he's still alone
The enemy's hiding in plain sight
His orders tell him that he's not allowed to fight
Don't shoot until fired upon
He keeps fighting, and he carries on

It's his sacrifice
He would gladly give his life
For this nation, for this land
He's spilled blood in the sand

Sleep doesn't come because he's never calm
Then his best friend is killed by a roadside bomb
His once gold heart has now turned to stone
He came here a boy, but he'll leave here grown
The life he once knew a distant memory
As he fights for the good of humanity
And he drowns out the sound of the battle cries
With the thoughts of his home and familiar skies

It's his sacrifice
He would gladly give his life
For this nation, for this land
He's spilled blood in the sand

As the war draws to an end
He writes one last letter to send
He tells his family he loves them all
But he won't stop until the enemy falls
The battle may be over but his war's begun
His love for his country means he's never done
He'll see the war forever in his dreams
This is what his sacrifice will mean

It's his sacrifice
He would gladly give his life
For this nation, for this land
He's spilled blood in the sand